rahmaan about

RAHMAAN is a multifaceted artist and producer from Queens, New York to New Jersey who enriches the music scene with his resonant voice, shimmering soundscapes, and Bengali and Islamic influences. Inspired by the talents of The Weeknd, 6LACK, and James Blake, she's been designing a deeply original sound since his start in 2015 with sublimely crafted melodies and the unexpected beauty of her culturally infused genre.

Rahmaan takes being an artist further than being a vocalist, producer, or songwriter. Manifesting their narratives into stunning accompanying music videos, their content explores love for others and love for the self while incorporating inspiration from his personal heartbreaks, entheogenic experiences, and deepest complications.

"Using his appreciation for R&B's new wave as well as Bengali influences, Rahmaan is hoping to create an identity all his own."
VIBE Magazine

"I truly enjoy Rahmaan's focus on culture. His ability and willingness to bring it to the forefront of the music serves as creative differentiation and a draw for eclectic, yet selective, audience members."
Artistic Manifesto

"With his evolvement of self also came an evolvement of sound. While “Gracious” has its own merits, you can hear Rahmaan’s growth as a person and as a musician on “Pyaar Hawaas” especially on tracks like ‘balance’ and ‘otherside’ where you can more clearly hear his emotions spilling into the songs."
Brown Girl Magazine