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Meet Rahmaan

RAHMAAN is a 20 year-old American Bangladeshi Hip Hop and R&B recording artist from Brooklyn, New York, who creates Bengali-influenced music that communicates his emotions and internal struggles. His main goals are to influence the Hip-Hop world​ with cultural Bengali and Indian sounds​, as well as bring out ​relatability while​ tackling the essence of toxic relationships with a soulful touch.

"Using his appreciation for R&B’s new wave as well as Bengali influences, Rahmaan is hoping to create an identity all his own." - VIBE Magazine

"I truly enjoy Rahmaan’s focus on culture. His ability and willingness to bring it to the forefront of the music serves as creative differentiation and a draw for eclectic, yet selective, audience members." - Artistic Manifesto

"If you’re still sleeping on the Brooklyn hip-hop scene, then you need to wake the fuck up. Enter Rahmaan." - DailyChiefers