‣ First off, all of the collaborators. You know I love all of you.
My parents, for believing in me more than anyone else in the universe.
Aaron Laserna, for helping me through pretty much every track & always pushing me to keep going forward.
Ameya Deshpande, for being my best friend since first grade and listening to every damn thing I send you lol.
Andrew Galvan, for having as much faith in me as you do.
Ashley Kong, for helping me through the bad times, the good times, and being an amazing supporter since forever ago.
Benji Reynolds (KINGBNJMN), for coming to NY from Jamaica and becoming my brother in only a matter of days.
Bhanu Rangra (Subdaio), for not only getting me to stop being an idiot, but also supporting everything I do since day one.
Brigitte Carroll, for being on the cover art as well as being a wonderful, wonderful friend.
Chris Kerr (Psalm), for being my blood brother forever and always holding me down.
Danny Villalba (Deverano), because you're my older brother. Need I say more.
Dillon McNeill, for having trained me (aka, putting up with my shit) 4 times a week, being an absolutely amazing friend, and for listening to everything I send you.
Ishita Bhattacharya (Ishita Mili), for not only choreographing Shanti, but also being my source of Shanti.
Jay Roberts (j.robb), for NOT being the goat.
Josh Meeks (Tessellated), for always pushing me to move forward.
Jurien Hamaker, for our long-lasting friendship and, of course, for helping me with our website whenever I screw up lmfao.
Kashish Ali, for being so supportive and friendly as you have always been to me.
Malik Keith (Lege Kale), for having pushed me to start producing for myself more, and for always being a real friend.
Maximus MMC, for being so supportive and so helpful all the time, even from 6000 miles away.
Musa Fayyaz (mUsa), for inspiring me to take music more seriously since I first met you.
Radimir Koch, for being THE fucking man.
Tyler Coolidge, for always being an amazing supporter and friend, no matter how scarce our conversations have become lately.
Zayed Haq, for being an amazing friend and brother since before we were born.
‣ and definitely, my past for inspiring this EP.


“I can be your sanctuary of bones if you could be my blood and muscle, I won’t feel so alone…"

no love is perfect. everyone and everything is flawed one way or another.

real Love will have its ups and downs, yet the connected Energies will still come together for the sake of each other at the end of the day.

an empty belief of looking for perfection causes nothing but mental and physical exhaustion and self-destruction.

if You’re looking for diamonds, You’re reading fairytales.

2 • REAL

“I need someone colorful, someone that’s filled with emotion — Looks like there ain’t none of those, I should just stop being open…”

many people are in relationships solely for the sake of being in a relationship. not because they enjoy the Other; not because their Energies reflect each other; but just so they can say that they’re in a relationship.

many people also are in relationships for selfish reasons, intending to leave once they get what they want — perverting the concept of ‘Love’ to benefit only one side.

fuck the fake shit.

be with someone who brings excitement and joy to Your life.


“You’re slowly turning into everything I’d never be — so why do I still want you, even with your energy?…”

emotional abuse is not a joke. it is not something to be taken lightly, and it is not something to be laughed at.

emotional abuse can be just as traumatizing as physical abuse. and yes, it happens to males, too. it’s more common than you think.

if You’re in something where your Other is overly possessive, doesn’t let You do what You want, and puts You down when You’re trying to bring Yourself up, please speak up as soon as You can. i know how hard it is to leave, and i’m so sorry You’re going through this.

if you’re the one causing harm, fuck you.


“I’d give anything you want, long as you feel whole — Even if you try to tear me up, I’d be running right back every time…”

believe it or not, there are people in the 21st century who enjoy giving more than they enjoy getting. regardless of consequence, regardless of Reciprocity.

as much as Reciprocity is appreciated, it’s not always necessary for Empaths to gain reciprocative items or emotions. and that’s what either brings Us down, or builds Us up.

if Giving makes You happy, then i pray, Inshallah, that You can sustain that happiness.

if You desire Reciprocity, think twice about who You’re Giving to.


“You know that I’ll be patient, baby, why you so impatient?…”

thinking only for the sake of the Now is nothing short of self-destructive.

this not only pertains to Love, but to Life as well. in anything and everything that you do.

short-term goals do not and will not lead to Longterm success.

being in something where You are promised Longevity yet are cut short by the Other for no good reason proves that the Other had nothing but selfish intent from the beginning.

remember Your worth.

6.1 • 2GOOD2U

“Why you gotta put up all this weight on me? Why can’t you sit back and wait on me?…”

materialistic mentalities damage others more than it does materialistic people.

wanting a lot is great, but wanting a lot immediately is what severs ties.

stop looking around for instant gratification, for shortcuts. chances are, you’ll go broke trying to find it.

put your Trust in the Process.


“I opened up my heart all for your satisfaction…”

opening up to someone is a daunting and dangerous concept to some. it can be hard to tell who’s actually looking out for You, and who only wants You to open up so they have more to talk about.

when in a relationship, you expect to open up to someone, and expect Reciprocity. and that expectation did me very, very dirty.

feeling anger towards a situation where Reciprocity is due is fully justified. feeling emotions of self-doubt and worthlessness after emotional Reciprocity is not given is fully justified. feeling emotions of a Power struggle after emotional Reciprocity is not exhibited is fully justified.

please be wary of who You end up with.


“Now you going way outta your way, tryna put everything back into place — see, I know you cannot handle no hate, like everything has to go your way…”

once again… please be wary who You end up with.

sometimes, people get into relationships that they believe are truly right for them, yet the Other ends up not being right for them in the end.

and that’s okay. but if something like this happens to You, please learn from it and be cautious of it in the future.

You need someone who drowns You in Peace.

You’re worth more than You think.


“Thought you were my solace, but nah — you really just don’t have a heart…”

i repeat.

feeling anger towards a situation where Reciprocity is due is fully justified.

feeling emotions of a Power struggle after emotional Reciprocity is not exhibited is fully justified.

furthermore, wanting to be better than the person who did You wrong is fully justified. just please, be careful how You go through with this emotion, as it can be self-destructive.

please be careful as to not develop an ego because of someone who brought Your confidence down. stay grounded, and remember who You are.

You are a God, now and Forever.

9 • ON ME

“You just need something to feed on all the time to feel okay — and when shit don’t go your way, you lie and lie and lie away…”

wanting the person who hurt You to experience what he or she did to You is perfectly normal. however, please don’t let that fuel You. You’ll run out of gas very, very quickly.

chances are, although the Other does not care about You, you might still care about the Other, no matter how much You say You don’t.

one thing is for sure — there is no Love involved. you do not Love the Other, and the Other does not Love You.

again… fuck the fake shit.

be with someone who makes Grass grow everywhere You step.


“Need me at your worst and I’ll ease the pain — need you at my worst, and you call me insane…”

the most important aspect of real Love is Empathy.

Love your neighbor, Love your friends, genuinely Feel for whoever you claim to Love.

Empathy is about more than just saying, “oh, that must’ve been hard.” Empathy is about thinking of yourself in another’s position, and understanding to your best extent how difficult a situation must truly be.

Empathy is shedding tears when you don’t know how to help someone you Love.

Empathy is hugging a Loved one while they vent their problems away to you.

Empathy is truly feeling happiness for Loved ones when something great happens in their lives.

Empathy is Pure, unedited Love.

Empathy is a trait that is slowly losing its Forme.

Inshallah, Empathy can come back to our Souls.

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