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Meet Rahmaan

RAHMAAN is a 20 year-old Bangladeshi Hip Hop and R&B recording artist from Brooklyn, New York, who creates Bengali-influenced music that communicates his emotions and internal struggles. His main goals are to influence the Hip-Hop world​ with cultural Bengali and Indian sounds​, as well as bring out ​relatability while​ tackling the essence of toxic relationships with soulful sounds, suitable for both early mornings and late nights​. He has worked among vocalists such as Khary and Deverano, producers from Soulection such as j.robb and R.O.M, as well as producers from Film Noir such as Oshi and KINGBNJMN, and has plans for bigger ideas in motion.

"[Rahmaan] has an impressive work ethic, being involved in various music projects at once and even with all of that going on, the quality isn’t lowered." - GoldenBoyPress

"I’m quite intrigued on what this man is going to bring to the table in the future, but one things for sure, he is going to be involved in some big things." - The Come Up Show

"If you haven’t heard of [Rahmaan] yet, then you will soon, because this emcee is taking the game by storm offering us his unique sound and effortless bars." - BluntIQ